What Is The Ileal Interposition?

Ileal interposition is seen as the definitive solution for Type 2 diabetes patients. After the operation, high blood pressure and cholesterol treatment will also be solved, and the patient will regain his health in a short time. In the operation, the process is started by turning the stomach to form of tube. The last part of the small intestine and the first part are displaced. The last part is connected to the duodenum. It is not a simple operation; it should be done under of proficient doctor’s control. It is one of the methods for the complete elimination of Type 2 diabetes. Ileal Interposition surgery can only be applied to patients with Type 2 diabetes. The pancreatic condition of the patient should be carefully examined before the operation. And above all, the capacity to produce insulin still has to continue.

Before and After Ileal Interposition

The surgery is 4-5 hours process. Because of anesthesia there is no pain during the surgery. The success rate in these surgeries is high. Preoperative period is as important as postoperative period. In this period, maintaining physical health is the most important part. And it is important to enter the operation fit and stress-free. Patient should not use medicines, alcohol or cigarettes. All examinations must be made before the surgery period. Thus, the operation will continue in a much more planned and healthy way. Ileal interposition treatment process, which is a solution for patients with Type 2 diabetes, will start the after the decision is made. In this process, the patient’s suitability for this surgery is determined.

Patient Evaluation for the Ileal Interposition

General health problems of the patient should be evaluated before the operation. The medicines used by the patient should be examined. These reviews are very important because a missed health issue will negatively affect the operation. For this reason, when preoperative evaluations are accurate and complete, the operation will start with handicap.
As in any surgical intervention, patient age is an important detail in this surgery too. In young patients, both the treatment and the healing process becomes much faster. However, this speed slows down when it is done to elderly patients. This operation is considered appropriate for every patient over 18 years old. Sharing regularly used medicines with the doctor before surgery is another important part of the job, because some medicines can be a risk source for the operation. Especially blood-thinning medicines have a negative effect on surgery.

Preventions before Ileal Interposition

Relationship between the doctor and the patient must be attentive during examinations before the surgery. During the examinations general health problems will be examined step by step to the finest detail. If the investigation process is carried out fast, and if the medicines used are not shared, the risk ratio of operation will increase. Blood tests are the most important part of the tests, because there is always a risk of blood clots. With detailed blood test, the condition of the kidneys also can be checked. Detailed blood test is important to reveal if there is any unknown disease.

Psychological support is also important before Ileal Interposition surgery. The patient needs to be relieved psychologically. Concerns about surgery and doubts should be disappeared completely. The patient who mentally ready for surgery, will be helpful for both his doctor and himself. With psychological support, the patient will learn to listen to himself, and will adopt not only physically but also mentally. This means a positive success in the operation. After each surgical intervention, the patient should take care of himself and be careful in order to have a healthy next process. Balanced and proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle should come first.