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Dr. Celik is the person who introduced the Metabolic Surgery operations in Turkey, also Founder President of Metabolic Surgery Society, Metabolic Surgery Foundation, National Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Database Working Group.


He has accomplished more than 6000 successful surgeries in 12 years and has provided free training to more than 300 health professionals.

Alper Celik was born on 26 February 1975 in Aksaray. He completed his primary education at the Iskenderun Namık Kemal Primary School and his secondary education at the Iskenderun Istiklal Makzume Anatolian High School. In 1993, he started his medical education at the Ankara University Medical Faculty.He began his general surgery specialization in 2000 at the Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital and completed his specialty in 2004.

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