Hidden diabetes is a popular term for the public. However, if your life story does not contain any diabetes, hidden diabetes will only be a term for you. In fact, although it may seem like a complicated situation, it is not as complicated as it sounds. A person’s blood glucose levels are higher than they should be but not within the limits that can be considered as diabetic. The values ​​obtained as a result of the analysis performed in such patients are not within the normal range. However, it is not high enough to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In such cases, secret sugar is diagnosed. Although secret diabetes patients are not considered as diabetic patients, they are actually candidates for diabetes. Therefore, taking the necessary measures is very important. Being in the high risk group can be frustrating. However, it is not possible to experience any difficulties if the measures are taken.

When detecting hidden diabetes, a comparison is made by looking at both blood glucose values in case of hunger and blood glucose values in postprandial status. In such patients, while the values in the blood glucose test performed in the fasting state are normal, in the case of satiety, repeated blood test values are observed outside the reference range. In this way, hidden diabetes can be kept under control with a balanced diet. As it can be understood from here, it will not be enough just to look at fasting blood sugar in order to be able to diagnose secret sugar. These tests, which generally give healthy results, will give much more reliable results when they are made after consuming foods with carbohydrate, fatty and sugary ingredients.

Hidden Diabetes Symptoms

Although the diagnosis of hidden diabetes is evaluated by looking at fasting and satiety values, there are certain reasons that bring patients to this stage. The differences the person feels himself can bring the question of whether there is hidden diabetes to mind. The most common of these differences is the hunger and fast eating. It is observed that secret diabetics actually give diabetic symptoms partially due to their susceptibility to diabetes. Especially, intolerance and tension in hunger appear in patients with diabetes. As can be understood from the differentiation of hunger and postprandial blood glucose values, imbalance in blood sugar can be confronted with sweet eating crises. Although we may not notice these crises in our daily life, it may give us little signals. The signals sent by the hidden diabetes are not really noticeable details in the life rush. Because these symptoms are situations that normal people often encounter in their lives. However, if you are facing the hidden diabetes problem, the feeling that these symptoms cause in your body is definitely different from the normal life. So the patient can definitely notice this. For example, sleep suppression after eating, such as fatigue and weakness are details that can happen to everyone. However, if this is caused by hidden diabetes, you will definitely feel a little different. If you are experiencing this indecision, if you are not sure, you should definitely see a doctor. One of the most certain signs of hidden sugar is this weakness and drowsiness. Fatigue is felt suddenly after the meals and sleep is initiated.

Physical Symptoms of Hidden Diabetes

Hidden diabetes also has visible symptoms. Especially in the head, neck and nape parts, sudden anger crises in the face of significant sweating and events draw attention among these symptoms. Also, people involved in this process experience much more weight problems than usual. In this process, it may be possible to gain weight quickly or vice versa, lose quickly. We have talked about the similar features of diabetes with hidden diabetes. Here we can mention that diabetes and hidden diabetes have genetically similar aspects. If the mother or father has diabetic discomfort or hidden diabetes problem, in this case, even if you do not have the symptoms, it will be beneficial for you to perform the necessary examinations at regular intervals. In this way, you will be able to diagnose diabetes problems early and take necessary precautions accordingly.

Patients who come for hidden diabetes tests are most prominently applied with attacks of hypoglycemia, i.e. sudden blood sugar level drops. While the meal intervals are approximately 4 5 hours in your routine life flow, this time decreases to 2 hours after the hidden diabetes. If the patient does not care about these signals and continues to eat in the old order for 4-5 hours, when the mealtime comes, the blood sugar level will drop and the intensity of hunger will peak. In this case, it will cause the patient to eat much faster or to have a severe sweet and sugar crisis. The source of the rumor that chocolate, which is common in the society, gives happiness is based on this point. Because chocolate regulates the hypoglycemia table due to the sugar it contains. If the reference range that occurs in the satiety blood glucose test for hidden diabetes diagnosis is over 140, in this case, you should definitely contact your physician and comply with the planning made by your physician.