Patients exposed to diabetes are often hopeless about this ailment. Diabetes is a disease that will continue and maintain its continuity if metabolic surgery is not performed, and this causes patients to despair, however, it is possible to get rid of the disease completely with diabetes surgery. We have answered the most asked questions about this subject for you.

Is Diabetes Surgery Exact Solution?

The operations performed for diabetes resulted in 89% complete recovery of patients. Unfortunately, treatments by medicines are not enough to solve the problem radically; therefore, some changes are made in a short time by providing hormonal changes in surgical interventions.

How Long Does Diabetes Surgery Take?

This surgery, which is performed with small holes in your body, takes around 4-5 hours in operation. Although the mentioned process is only the operation process, the total duration of the average surgery can reach 6 hours, together with the patient’s preoperative preparation process and waiting times after the operation.

Are There Any Risks of Diabetes Surgery?

As with any surgical operation, there is a risk factor for many patients, although it is very minimal for diabetes surgery. The main issues that determine the risk factor are the patient’s different ailments, his heart being unable to withstand surgery, and the inability to carry over the effect of narcosis.

Process After Diabetes Surgery

In the process after the diabetes surgery, it is a very curious matter by the patients. Some patients may need to use some minerals and vitamins as a lifetime supplement, depending on the surgical interventions performed after leaving the diabetes surgery. This appears as a negative situation that can be experienced. If you look from the positive side, it shows the effect of hormonal change in a very short time. Intra-gastric region is taken, which balances the sugar ratio in your blood and causes your feeling of hunger. In this way, it is easily possible to reach a healthy weight.

How Is Diabetes Surgery Performed?

Within the framework of the operation, depending on the condition of the patient, the region that secretes the hunger hormone in the stomach is taken at the first stage. After the stomach operation, 250 cm sections are displaced from the starting and ending points of the small intestine.