How Is Endoscopy Performed?

Examination of the esophagus from the mouth to the stomach and small intestine is called endoscopy. If done properly, the patient will not feel pain because the patient is sedated during the endoscopy procedure. This is anesthetic, but consciousness is clear. With the endoscopy procedure, the stomach is examined in detail and biopsies are taken if necessary. If you are wondering about endoscopy, continue to read our article. Endoscopy is a suitable procedure for all age groups.

Why Is Endoscopy Performed?

If there are problems in the person’s stomach and these cannot result in medical solutions, if the patient’s condition is getting worse, endoscopy is performed by the specialist doctor. Endoscopy is not a treatment method, it is a screening method. Endoscopy is performed with the help of a device called endoscope, which is as thick as a finger, is about one meter long and has a camera at the end. With the help of the light and camera at the tip, thanks to its flexible structure, it is possible to examine the hollow tissues and organs without cutting the body.
With the advancing technology, endoscopy devices have also advanced and are produced in a thinner and aesthetic structure to facilitate imaging procedures. Thanks to this progress, the patient can be treated comfortably without feeling pain or discomfort during the endoscopy procedure.

What Are The Types of Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is not performed only on the stomach in the body and for this reason, it varies according to the way it is performed and the area where the procedure is performed.
Upper Gastrointestinal System Endoscopy is the name given to the method used to examine the stomach, duodenum and esophagus. This is also called throat endoscopy. If you are wondering how to perform an endoscopy in the throat, the endoscope device is inserted through the mouth and advanced to the area to be observed. With the help of the camera on the tip, the imaging process is successfully provided. Biopsy can be taken if necessary.

Lower Gastrointestinal System Endoscopy, also known as Colonoscopy, is the process of examining the large intestine and small intestine by entering from the anus. This is also called hemorrhoids endoscopy or rectal endoscopy. If you are wondering how to do hemorrhoids endoscopy or colonoscopy, the intestines are cleaned and emptied with medication or bowel wash before starting the procedure. With anesthesia, the patient is relieved. The patient to undergo endoscopy is placed on his side and pulls his knees up to his stomach. If the appropriate condition is provided, the device is inserted through the anus and the imaging process begins. This procedure is also called intestinal endoscopy.
After explaining how to do endoscopy, we will answer the question of how many minutes does the endoscopy take. Although the endoscopy procedure varies according to the patient, it generally takes between 15 minutes and 30 minutes.

How Is Double Balloon Endoscopy Performed?

The double balloon endoscopy device is a device that moves forward by holding onto the intestinal wall with two balloons at the ends and allows imaging. With this procedure, small intestine examination is performed.

Nose Endoscopy

In cases where it is necessary to look at the parts of the nose that cannot be seen during normal examination, endoscopes can be examined. Thanks to the anesthetized nasal endoscopy, the patient does not feel pain and the procedure is easily performed.

Endoscopy Procedure In Children

Endoscopy procedure in children and babies is performed after various symptoms. If there are problems such as abdominal pain, growth problems, vomiting, nausea or bleeding, procedures are performed to detect these problems. In some cases, this can be done if children swallow small objects. How is the endoscopy procedure done in children? Or how about a baby endoscopy? If you are wondering; With a mild anesthetic, the child is relaxed and then goes to sleep. It usually takes half an hour on average, but in different cases, the doctor may extend this period. Light foods should be consumed after the endoscopy procedure, then when he starts to feel better, he can continue to consume normal foods. Infants can consume breast milk. In addition, there is no harm in using additional food.
Generally, children and babies can go home after the procedures. It is okay for them to continue their normal lives. When faced with unexpected situations, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

In Which Diseases Is Endoscopy Performed?

There is no need to be a sick for the endoscopy procedure. It is also recommended by doctors for early diagnosis. Except those, if the body has persistent abdominal pain, pains in the esophagus or swallowing problems, long-lasting nausea, sudden weight loss, prolonged diarrhea or constipation, diagnostic endoscopy procedures should be performed.

What Should Be Done Before Endoscopy?

The patient who will undergo an endoscopy procedure should fast for at least 8 hours. He should inform his doctor about the medications he used. Does the endoscopy procedure hurt? Is pain felt during the endoscopy procedure? It is one of the most heard questions. During the endoscopy procedure, the patient does not feel anything because he is put to sleep. There is no pain after the procedure. The endoscopy procedure is safe.

How Should Be Nutrition After Endoscopy?

After the endoscopy procedure, you should not eat everything you find to suppress your long-term hunger. If you are wondering what to eat after endoscopy, in the first 5 and 6 hours, you should stay away from heavy foods that will irritate, burn or sour your stomach. You should not consume too much at once, you should eat little by little and consume more liquid foods. Since solid foods can damage your sensitive digestive system, the recommended thing for post-endoscopy nutrition is to consume in puree form. Avoid extremely cold or very hot drinks. You should not drink tea and coffee in addition to acidic beverages. High fat and sugary foods can also bother you.

Which Doctor Should Be Consulted For The Endoscopy Procedure?

For the endoscopy procedure, the best endoscopy doctors and the best outpatient clinics should be preferred. If procedures are performed by experienced doctors, unwanted results will be prevented.