Nutrition and Diet in Diabetes

Gaining a healthy eating habit in the treatment of diabetes, helps to keep and control the blood sugar level of the diabetic. Thanks to the normal level of blood sugar, the possibility of many problems caused by diabetes is reduced. For example, blood sugar levels should be kept at a normal level in order to avoid dangerous undesirable consequences such as eye, nervous, heart attack, kidney problems and stroke. For this, healthy and proper nutrition is required. Not only people with diabetes, but also people without diabetes should gain these habits. In this way, the foundations of a healthy and suitable life are established. If you are wondering what diabetics should eat, continue reading our article.

Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs as a result of the inability of the organ called the pancreas to produce insulin hormone properly or not to use the insulin hormone produced well. What is the insulin hormone? What does the diabetic insulin hormone do? The hormone insulin helps the sugar we consume into our cells and be stored there as glycogen. Diabetics cannot use the sugar that passes into their blood from the foods they eat, and in this case, the blood sugar level in their bodies rises. As a result of this situation, many organs or tissues suffer permanent or temporary damage in the long term. Almost 2 out of every 10 people in the world have diabetes.

How Is Diabetes Treatment?

The purpose of diabetes treatment is to stabilize the sugar in the patient’s blood to the safe limit and to reduce the possibility of side effects, complications, and to help the diabetic patient in the daily tasks. In the beginning, for the treatment of diabetes, regular and measured exercise is recommended to the patients under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, if there is a need of weight loss is attempted. Some pills are started to be used to control the sugar level in the blood. In diabetes, which is divided into 2 types, the only control method for Type 1 diabetes patients is to inject the insulin hormone externally into the body. Completing these injections regularly at the times determined by the doctor does not cure the diabetic patient, but it causes a good increase in the quality of life of the person. For another type, type 2 patients, these insulin injections are often not given. Anti-diabetic medication is given to patients with type 2 diabetes. In this way, diabetes treatment is started and blood sugar is tried to be brought to the appropriate level. Apart from these, you can increase the blood sugar level to appropriate levels by eating a balanced, regular and healthy diet. For this, you can get a special diet or diet list from your doctor. If you use alcohol or cigarettes, you should stop immediately. You should take a look at the list of what diabetics should eat.

What Is Good For Diabetes?

Keeping the blood sugar level at a normal level will allow the diabetic to live a better life. In addition to a healthy diet, a regular and ideal exercise program should be established and in addition to oral anti-diabetic medication, insulin therapy is also among those that are good for diabetes. It is necessary to reduce or completely cut the consumption of sugar or sugar-containing products that increase blood sugar rapidly. It is the biggest answer to the question of why excess weight and sugar use causes diabetes. You should stop consuming fatty and sugary, acidic and alcoholic foods or beverages that cause weight gain. Remember, diabetes is very much associated with diet.

What Do Diabetics Need To Eat?

Foods recommended for diabetic patients should also be added to diet lists by non-diabetic people and they should live this way. Contrary to popular belief, the diabetes diet is not a restrictive diet at all. Diabetes is a very healthy and nutritious diet consisting of rich foods that are nutritious, foods low in carbohydrate and fat, fruits, vegetables, as well as whole grains. You can apply your diet regularly at certain hours by following the diabetic diet meals that you will create with your doctor.

Carbohydrate Consumption in Diabetes

Under the question of what should diabetics eat, the most curious answer is undoubtedly about carbohydrate consumption. Carbohydrates, which are one of the three main nutritional groups necessary for our lives, can play a greater role in blood sugar than protein and fat. Healthy carbohydrates will be preferred, as there will be no carbohydrate-free life. Carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, cereal products, legumes and dairy products with low fat are preferred instead of harmful products such as bread, pastas, rice, corn and corn products, sugary foods made from white flour. In this way, carbohydrate consumption will not be missing in diabetes. It is rich in fiber, with the product made with vegetables, fruits, shelled foods, dried broad beans, chickpeas, peas and whole wheat flour, these are good for diabetes. Since fish contain less fat than red meat, they are among the recommended foods for diabetics. It is recommended to grill. Oils such as olive oil and almond oil should be preferred more than liquid or margarine oil. You should definitely seek doctor’s advice for precise information such as your own diabetic diet list or nutrition methods for diabetics.