Diabetes causes many bad consequences in our body. Diabetes accelerates the development of undesirable consequences such as vascular occlusion and arteriosclerosis, and may lead to heart diseases, especially heart attack and stroke. There are foods from them that diabetics should avoid. The diabetic diet list that you will create together with your specialist will support you to live a healthier life and bring your blood sugar to an ideal level.

What should not eat diabetic people

The most important foods that diabetics should avoid are: saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol and salt.
Saturated fats are found in high-fat dairy products, animal proteins, steaks, sausages, and salami. If it is to be taken, it should not be consumed more than a certain rate.
Trans fats consist the fat that our body doesn’t need. These oils are often found in processed foods or margarines.
Cholesterol is found in dairy products with high fat content, animal proteins, eggs, shellfish and animal offal. This product should not be consumed unless it is compulsory. In cases that need to be eaten, the amount approved by the doctor should not be exceeded.
Since salt also plays an important role in the absorption of sugar in the kidneys, exceeding the amount recommended by the doctor can cause dangerous consequences. Therefore, foods that diabetics should not consume can cause serious problems.
Apart from these, foods that are dangerous for diabetics are: fried foods, potato chips, sugar and sugar containing foods, ice cream, energy drinks, alcohol and sugary drinks. The consumption of these foods is extremely harmful to diabetic patients.
In coffee and tea consumption, you should use artificial sweeteners recommended by your doctor instead of using sugar. Although it is natural, sweet foods such as honey, jam and molasses should be avoided. Margarine and butter should not be consumed by diabetics.

Legumes That Diabetics Should Eat

There are generally healthy carbohydrates in the diet lists recommended for people with diabetes. If you ask which legumes should diabetics eat, prefer legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas, which are in the class of fibrous and healthy carbohydrates.

Gold Worth Tips for Diabetics

There are quite a few rules that diabetes patients should pay attention to. Thanks to these rules, patient’s blood sugar decreases and lives a healthier life. Especially smoking and alcohol are among the things that diabetics should never eat. Apart from this, one of the most frequently asked questions is which biscuits should diabetics eat. The answer to this question is, of course, biscuits with lots of fiber that are not made of white flour and do not contain much sugar will be edible. Other than these, classical biscuits should be avoided.
The most important food among the foods patients want to see on the diabetic diet lists is soup. Most people have in mind whether they can consume soup or not. If you ask which soups to eat for diabetics, low-fat and salt-free soups with lots of fiber and vegetables will be ideal for you. In this way, you can both continue your natural diet and not stay away from the foods you love while dieting.

• Try to get more fiber into your body. Choose foods made with simple carbohydrates.
• Avoid vegetables with high starch content.
• Eat low-calorie, low-sugar fruits.
• Buy foods with less processed grain.
• You can buy foods with oats. You can increase the feeling of satiety by consuming it for breakfast. Also, oats will help you lose weight.
• Avoid eating sweets unless you have to.
• Be careful not to use oil, salt and sugar at all. Do not exceed the dosage given by your doctor.
• Choose healthy fats and healthy meats. Take care that they are not processed.
• Be careful not to face problems such as anemia, try to take foods containing iron.

The most important thing that diabetics should do is sports or exercise. Regardless of your age, if you want to live a healthier and more organized life, if you want to balance your blood sugar, you have to do sports. There are many more options that diabetics should pay attention to, depending on the specific condition of the person. In order to learn these better, you can make an appointment to the best diabetes polyclinic in Istanbul and get the most appropriate answers to questions such as how diabetes goes with your doctor, what should diabetics eat, what should diabetics stay away from.