What Is Transit Bipartition?

Transit Bipartition is the operation preferred for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and improved metabolic surgery method. The 1/3 end of the small intestine is connected to the stomach as an alternative. In this way, by controlling the small intestine hormones, diabetes also will be controlled.

How Is Transit Bipartition Done?

Surgical procedure to help lose weight together with Transit Bipartition is preferred today. It is a surgical method that provides success with its restrictive and malabsorptive (absorption preventive) feature. If a restrictive need to be opened a little more, it is one of the surgical operations that results in up to 70% of the stomach reduction.

Transit Bipartition Success Rate

A lot of research and studies have been done on the success rate. As a result of these studies, 94% of these people lost weight after the study and examination of people with 1000 obesity problems. This application, which gives a quick feeling of satisfaction, thus helps to lose weight quickly. In addition, there was 86% decrease in diabetes, and it has been revealed in the studies conducted on patients. With the result of transit bipartition, the effect that helps to lose weight has been very successful in correcting the metabolic problems.

Risk Is Less and Success Rate Is More

Many treatment methods and applications from past to present have been tried on patients. These treatment methods emerge in different ways in the renewed and changing world. Compared to obesity and diabetes surgeries, this treatment method is less risky than other treatment methods. However, the success rate of this treatment method with low risk is extremely high. You can get rid of your illnesses by having this application, which is easily implemented and accepted as reliable, by having trustworthy expert support and in the institution.

How Is Transit Bipartition Applied

Where and how to start treatment is explained in details after various analyzes and studies, by attending physician. With the preparation of the patient for the treatment process, it is aimed to treat the patient by initiating treatment. When the operation begins, part of the stomach is removed. In this way, the secretion of the hunger hormone of Ghrelin is stopped and the desire to eat is eliminated. With the change to be made in the small intestine, the intestinal passageway is created. After the operation, the specialist monitors the patient for a while and follows how the operation passes and how the operation system works.

Advantages of Transit Bipartition

This application, which has many advantages, is highly preferred and recommended in our country and in the world today. It is possible to show these advantages as follows:

  • The treatment is completed by preserving the integrity of the stomach and twelve intestines with the operation anatomically.
  • It provides all kinds of endoscopic procedures if needed after surgery.
  • It can be easily returned to normal if requested upon the recommendation of the patient or doctor after surgery.
  • By showing strong hormonal activity, the patient returns to normal life in a short time.

Transit bipartition is performed more comprehensively and reliably, unlike other tube stomach surgeries. Not only stomach reduction but also the intestinal working system is corrected. It allows the patient to start his normal life in a short time by providing treatment to prevent digestive problems. When you want to be treated, you can find a permanent solution to your illnesses by going to health institutions that offer institutional services and with a new generation treatment method under reliable expert control. Starting treatment with several health institutions and specialist physician control will allow you to make more accurate decisions.

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