It is vital for diabetics to keep sugar level under control. Healthy lifestyle is essential to keep blood sugar under control. In addition, the medications taken oral or in the form of insulin therapy makes it easier to control the values. While these medicines take half of the treatment, the other half, as we have just mentioned, constitutes a planned life, healthy diet and regular exercise.

When it comes to diabetes in society, a fear occurs in the first place. However, if certain rules are followed, diabetes patients continue their lives with high health standards until the end of their lives. Because, the rules that are necessary for patients with diabetes to stabilize sugar level are essential for many people to live healthy. However, these rules are becoming a bit more mandatory and precise for diabetics. Healthy nutrition is necessary for diabetics to maintain their blood glucose levels at normal standards. Healthy eating will protect patients from many chronic diseases and complications that will arise with the increase of blood sugar level. There are some golden rules for diabetics to keep their blood sugar under control. For example, these patients should know which food and in what amount they can eat, and make it a standard of life. When this happens, patients will move away from dietary psychology and reach a quality level of life. If there are patients with obesity-grade weight problems, the primary goal should be to reduce the rate of fat in the body. It is helpful to get help from a dietician at this stage. In addition, foods that do not raise blood sugar should be used in the diet program. Surgery should be among the options as an effective option for these patients.

Why Does Blood Sugar Rise?

Primarily it is important to know why blood sugar rises to keep blood sugar under control. The main problem that raises the sugar level in the blood is that insulin hormone in the body is insufficient or absent, or in some cases, the insulin that exists does not show the necessary effect. The hormone that balances blood sugar in the body is the hormone insulin. There is a problem with the secretion of the hormone insulin in diabetic patients. Therefore, blood sugar rises. At this stage, this problem can be controlled with regular and balanced nutrition. When it comes to diabetes, matter is not what you eat, but in which amount you eat. In this regard, in health institutions information training is provided in a wide range. It is very important for diabetes patients to participate in these trainings. For example, carbohydrate intake of diabetes patients is a very important issue. It is not even possible to cut carbohydrates completely. However, if foods containing carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, pastries, fruits, sugar and honey are taken above the specified level, blood sugar is out of normal standards. Thanks to these trainings, the amount of carbohydrates to be taken and what type of carbohydrate to take from this amount are learned and therefore the standard of life is carried to higher levels. It is included in the diet as well as carbohydrates and fats and proteins. Of course again the rates are important. If you think you have difficulty in adjusting and implementing these regulations at the first stage, it will be beneficial to get help from a dietician. Regardless of whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes at this stage, the dietician will first receive comprehensive information about your medical treatment and prepare your nutrition program in the light of this information. The diet, which is accompanied by a dietician, will help you to lose weight while keeping your blood sugar level in normal standards.

Food Which Rises Blood Sugar Level Up

Some foods can lower and raise blood sugar level very quickly. We can give you an idea about some of these foods that cause imbalance in blood sugar. For example; whole grain bread raises your sugar values much later and slowly than white bread. You can think about biscuits with the same logic. The glycemic index of bran and grain biscuits is much lower than biscuits made with white flour. So it is healthier. If you need to choose from fruits, grapefruit and apple are recommended more than other fruits in diabetes. In general when you choose carbs, it is always more beneficial for your blood sugar level to choose whole grain ones. Using bulgur instead of rice with the same logic is important for keeping your values in balance. However, applying this rule can always bore you after a certain point. It should not be forgotten that these are healthy options. After balancing your portions, you can also choose other options under doctor control. The important thing here is the amount.

How Sugar Level Control and Sugar Level Tracking Should Be in Diabetes?

You know that early diagnosis always saves lives during the illness phase. Diabetes control is also vital in diabetes. For this reason, you should take blood sugar measurement regularly. Regular measurement refers to measurements made daily, or in some cases, several times a day. The frequency of these measurements will determine your disease level. It will be very difficult for you to go to hospitals, clinics, etc. to measure frequently. Therefore, the most economical way for these measurements is to do it yourself at home. There are many insulin devices to help you at this stage. Insulin measurements should usually be done on an empty stomach in the morning, before lunch, evening and night meals. These measurements should be repeated not only when you feel any difference in your body, but also when everything is in order. Type 2 diabetics, whose blood sugar cannot be controlled and do not use any insulin, should repeat the measurements in the morning before breakfast and within 2 hours after the meal. This information is the most common. It should not be forgotten that each patient is different and his follow-ups proceed personally, as determined by the doctors. You should prepare the most suitable measurement map for yourself with the advice of your doctor.